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Why Hack-bang?

Hack-bang is a play on the Filipino word “hakbang” meaning “step”
The title aptly describes the whole exercise of taking the bold steps to find solutions, as we cope with the effects of the pandemic.

We have high hopes that among these young people with brilliant minds, our society and governments, can find the first steps that will break through a future filled with hope.

What makes Hack-Bang Unique?

Hackbang is unique since it holds a timely value proposition - finding viable solutions to 12 highlighted challenge areas impacted by COVID-19 in Mindanao.

In keeping with physical distancing protocols, the full event will happen online. We expect to gather a wide spectrum of thinkers, doers, movers, and shakers within and outside of Mindanao and the country.

This event is made by Mindanaoans for Mindanao.
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Frequently asked questions

What is a Hackathon?

Urban Dictionary: A large meeting of computer-enthusiasts held for the specific purpose of hacking a website or other technology.

Wikipedia: A hackathon is a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively on software projects.

Why are we doing this?

Hack-bang was formed with the idea that there are people out there, whose brilliant ideas are just waiting for the right spark to create lasting impact.

Now that the world is rapidly changing accelerated by the effects of Covid-19 in all life aspects, we must pool in all ideas on how to make life work for the better, share them with peers, develop it with mentors as guides, and then present it to policymakers, investors, incubators, and collectively co-create workable products or projects for the common good.

How will it run?

HackBang is an online hackathon that will run for 4 days, through the power of digital broadcast channels and social media platforms.

A person can join the hackathon as an individual or with a team and will participate in online conferences, virtual huddles, and webinars to better equip them in their ideation of solutions to a particular challenge posed to them based on the 12 identified challenges set by the core team.

Projects will be presented digitally to a jury panel (challengers) to validate the hypothesis and verify the viability of their proposals. Those whose projects are deemed viable will then be included in the shortlist and form part of the hackathon highlights

Who can join the event?

Anybody from Mindanao (residing, birthplace, working) or anyone who has a heart for Mindanao can take part in this virtual event.
All you need is a stable internet connection, mobile phone, tablet or laptop where you can access the video conferences, workshop tools and applications, and programs that can help you and your team in creating your project pitch.

Get ready to meet people from within and outside your locality!
Connect, share, and make new friends.

What can we do to help?

You can be part of Hack-bang by being an event volunteer! You can help the many facets in running the event and gain experience in mounting a digital activity.

You can also be a project supporter by sending your donation in our Fund Pool to help raise the necessary budget to mobilize the event and provide seed grants to the viable projects.

Lastly, you can be an influencer by inviting your friends and anyone you know who might be interested to take part of Hackbang. This way, we can have more ideas on the table and more minds that work in solving issues!

How can we share your BIG IDEA?

Hack-bang is the ideal platform for you to share your big idea focusing on solving a particular pandemic related challenge.
Your idea can be the next big thing in providing ways to help shape the Next Normal, so better get that plans and ideas ready to be shared out there! An idea that sits on your brain and not shared, is dead before its conception! So let’s continue sharing and collaborating!

Is this hackathon for FREE?


This virtual event is free of charge for participants and the general audience. Hackbang Ideators (participants) will be given free access to webinars and other online events during the course of the activity. All recording of the event will be streamed live and available in the HackBangPH Social Media Channels.

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